Fireplaces, stoves, hobs and chimneys

* Hopealoimu fireplaces and stoves store up to 90% of firewood energy. They are a synergy of craftsmanship and technology, made of a natural stone with high heat storage capacity – silvery soapstone Silver Flame.

* Baking ovens and wood burning kitchen stoves revive a traditional and simple way of life.

* A water heat exchanger heats household water by a heat storing fireplace in an unnoticed and safe way.

* Natural stone on the walls next to the fireplace, on the floor or on the chimney creates a pleasing whole.  

* You can order the materials for a ready-to-install chimney to the construction site.

Soapstone fireplaces Modern fireplaces Water heat exchanger


Hobs and kitchen stoves Fireplaces Chimneys




Tõmmet toetab Schiedel

Tõmmet toetab Schiedel