Unique material

A unique material and a traditional fireplace masonry stone.


Heat radiating from stones is a familiar and pleasant sensation for a human body. It has the same wave length as solar radiation. The Silver Flame stone and the hard rock used in fireproof units come from earth deposits found in Central Finland (Pihtiputaa). It has been used in the construction of fireplaces since the 19th century. Some of these old bulky fireplaces are still in use. The stone contains crystals which glitter like silver in the light – hence the name Silver Flame (Hopealoimu in Finnish). When cross-cut, the stone creates a dimensional effect. Silver Flame soapstone is a metamorphic rock which has been formed by the recrystallization of lava and sedimentary rock. According to geologists, the formation took place 2 billion years ago. Studies conducted by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland have shown that the stone has the following physical qualities:

specific weight: 2800 kg/m3
thermal conductivity: 3.3 W/mK
thermal capacity: 0.84 kJ/kgK
thermal expansion: 0.000 009 mm/K

Geological studies have proved that the stone does not contain any harmful elements, which could be emitted at high temperatures.

The stone is truly unique since no matching stone quarry has been found elsewhere in the world.

Tõmmet toetab Schiedel

Tõmmet toetab Schiedel